The goal is more important than the role

The second law of John Maxwell tells that the goal is more important than the role. Yes it’s true I think everyone already experienced it especially in school and profession. Let me tell you about my experience regarding this topic.

I have a subject before where I think I’m the oldest in the class or shall I say all my classmates didn’t know about me since we haven’t been classmates before. I will not mention the name of the subject anymore for confidentiality. So as I was saying I have a subject where all my classmates almost knows each other except me then we had a project where we need group mates or a group consist of 4 or 5 members. Someone approached me to be my group mate and then another 3 students joined our group then one of them was really intelligent and a dean’s lister student. In the classroom, we discussed about the plans for the project, etc. But one thing that we missed to discuss was who will be the leader of our group. We all worked for the project, we almost chat in yahoo messenger especially me and Ms. DL (the dean’s list girl). She did the documentation part and I worked on the programming part. Our project went well and we finished it before the deadline. Our presentation for the project came, so we all did our part, we discussed the presentation and had a demo of the program. I did the demo part since I’m the one who created the application. But until then we haven’t discussed yet who will be the leader of our group. Then here comes our professor asking who’s the leader of our group and Ms. DL (the dean’s list girl) answered by mentioning my name as the leader of our group. I did not ask for that position and what’s so important to me was to finish our project with excellent output. But Ms. DL told by our professor that I worked on the application. It’s nice to know that even if they are so intelligent they never think that they should be the leader of the group.

The output was we got the highest score and had an excellent output. We delivered the project smoothly because we never think of our positions, mostly if you are the leader some of the members will just say “she’s the leader so she should work for our project” or sometimes the leader dictates all, what to do, that the members will no longer do what they want for the project, they will not attempt to have any suggestions because the leader already dictates all. It’s not important what your role in an organization or group, what’s important is you’re doing something that will help the group to achieve the goals.

Lesson learned: Your position or role in an organization or a group is not important. The important thing is that you are contributing something to reach the goals of your group. Imagine a bicycle without the wheels or a pen without the ink, will it function well? No. Everyone in a group is important regardless of their role.

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